Warranty & Return Policy

Superior Recreational Products (SRP) warrants that its product will be free from defects in materials and workmanship as well as maintain structural integrity for the periods listed below
from the date of invoice and once SRP has been paid in full. This warranty is in effect only if the product has been assembled and installed strictly in accordance with the setup
instructions provided by SRP, good construction practices, and has been subjected only to normal use and exposure.

We offer a 1-Year Limited Warranty on all of our commercial products, including our steel and HDPE playground parts, hardware, swing seats, play accessories and roto-molded plastic playground parts.

Pricing, Cancellation, Return, and Shipping Policies
All prices are F.O.B. factor (Carrollton, Georgia 30117) and do not include freight, installation, shipping and handling, surfacing, or applicable taxes. Prices are subject to change without notice. To view our return policy, please visit superiorrecreationalproducts.com/returns. For information on Return Material Authorizations please call 1.800.327.8774. To view our shipping policy, please visit superiorrecreationalproducts.com/shipping. For any further information, please call 1.800.327.8774.

Terms and Minimum Orders
Terms are net 30 from date of invoice on approved accounts only. All terms are subject to change. All orders less than $25.00 will be subject to a $10.00 surcharge.

Limited Warranty Exclusions
The Limited Warranty excludes abnormal conditions, contingent liability, cosmetic defects such as scratches, dents, marring, stripping, peeling, or fading; damage due to incorrect
installation, vandalism, misuse, accident wear and tear from normal use; exposure to extreme weather, immersion in salt or chlorine water, damage due to sand, salt spray, or other
abrasive and corrosive material; unauthorized repair or modification, abnormal use, or lack of maintenance. The warranty does not cover damages due to “acts of God” such as hail,
flooding, lightning, tornadoes, sand storms, shifts of terrain, earthquakes, mudslides, and windstorms.

SRP does not warrant the product for defects caused by erection, harsh site conditions, lack of maintenance, and/or other conditions beyond SRP’s control. SRP will not be held
responsible for any materials that were not properly stored prior to installation. SRP reserves the right to void the limited warranty if it not installed per the installation instructions
and/or unauthorized modifications.

In the unlikely event of failure, SRP reserves the right to alter the design, color, or contributing factors to rectify the condition and help prevent any future reoccurrence(s). SRP has
the option to repair or replace any defect in materials.

The warranty is void if any changes, modifications, additions, or attachments are made to the product without the written consent of the manufacturer.